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Corporate PR

Whether a startup or a large corporation, ADROIT will help manage perception, design your short and long term communication strategies, help you generate news and deliver it to your stakeholders.  Our clients are regularly featured in leading news outlets and called upon as thought leaders for news stories. We will use our experience and media relationships to promote your corporation.

ADROIT does: Craft Messaging, Targeted Pitching, Media Advisories, Press Releases, Events, Press Conferences, Mentions, and Relationship Building.


Crisis Management

Our team have the experience, relationships and know-how to handle any crisis that could damage your reputation. ADROIT will, as your communication advisors, draw up crisis communications preparedness plans and, discreetly and effectively, manage and mitigate your crises. We have worked with business leaders, entrepreneurs and corporations on managing their reputations through crises.

ADROIT does: Situation Analysis, Reputation Management, Stakeholder Identification, Key Communications Development, Monitoring, and Post-Crisis Analysis.

Brand management

From creating content and managing your brand perception and reach across all social platforms, to engaging with your followers and potential customers. ADROIT’s approach is to work with you to find your brand’s voice and studying your target market. We, accordingly, would determine what would be the best social media platforms to engage your audience on.

ADROIT does: Content Creation, Digital Campaigns, Influencer Engagement, Listening, Market Analysis, Positioning, Consumer Targeting and Brand Awareness.




As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, patient needs push many healthcare providers out of their comfort zones. Healthcare providers need to be agile, deepen the relationships they have with their patients and differentiate themselves in the crowded marketplace.

ADROIT delivers communication solutions for healthcare, pharmaceutical and the wellness industry. In healthcare communications,  the right message to its intended audience doesn’t remain just a job, it becomes a responsibility.


ADROIT’s public relations services for corporates involve working with them to build and maintain positive public perceptions of companies/ brands in the relevant mind spaces. A major part of our our reputation management work revolves around  correcting opinions that arise from incorrect and, sometimes, misguided sensitivities.

Our focus on understanding the landscape, designing strong communication and engaging stakeholders, along with our long  long standing relationships with the media helps us assume the one point focus for communication strategy and execution.

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PR for prominent personalities

ADROIT has shown an understanding of where press, politics, and policy all unite, helping our VIP clients navigate crises, protect their personal brand and bring the required levels of attention to an issue. Our work in political consulting is based on the clear understanding that the media, fundraising, and general political landscapes are constantly changing.

We have played significant roles in shaping public opinion, governmental affairs, and journalism. We have been involved in supporting politicians in developing political strategies, media outreach, public outreach and polling.


Finding ways to harness media energy to grassroots campaigns are are among the keys to success in this sector. ADROIT is geared to advocating with stakeholders, including State and National governments and corporates on issues that address gaps between poor and the non-poor. ADROIT also provides organizations with the ability to educate and manage the media about the landscape and conversations on the various points of concern.

PR professionals predict that community leaders and the citizen reporter will be the most influential in this area, so, at ADROIT, we help look beyond typical players to identify these new advocates and give them the exposure their voiced deserve.


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